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This course explores various dimensions of global leadership with the aim of enabling participants to track their individual and organisational globality profile.

You will be introduced to the most up-to-date knowledge about applied behavioural science, including examples of how nudging works in real life settings. Nudging is the systematic and evidence-based development and implementation of nudges in creating behaviour change.

In particular, nudging relies heavily on theories and methodology from behavioural economics as well as cognitive and social psychology, using microeconomic decision theory as a baseline.

The participants could work in finance, public policy, academia, marketing, education or HR management, but also in other related fields where human behaviour is the key to success.

We have previously had the pleasure of teaching practitioners focused on sustainable behaviour, communication, health, and public policy among other fields.

10 central dilemmas of global management are presented and discussed as point of departure for practical exercise among others: So f*cking special: ‘Global’ leadership vs.

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