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(The Christian names are English-sounding to maintain a family tradition.) Price himself was not initially tempted by greasepaint. ’ ” By 24 the poison had worked and Price left law school to join DR’s drama department.“I went directly to law school to become the first black sheep of the family, the first one with a formal education outside the theatre. “At the same time they began to poison my drink with little tasks within their world. He became head of drama at rival TV2 before DR lured him back to create the show of his choice that became Borgen.

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And just to ratchet up the tension, the writers have forced the audience to watch power and wealth fall into Nyborg’s lap while everything else is stripped away – marriage, the mental health of her daughter – until in the current season they’ve given her breast cancer to cope with. The illness was always going to be the price the Borgen creator would extract in the event of a third series being commissioned. It gives us that ‘I’ve had that feeling: I might not have been the prime minister of Denmark but I’ve also let down my kid and I’ve also sometimes lied to my husband’.” There is another form of recognition in Borgen.

“If in the first circle of hell you lose your marriage,” Price reasons pitilessly, “and the second circle your child, the inner circle of hell: it must be her life that’s on the line.” She’s still not out of the woods. Much of the cast seems to have been bussed in from The Killing.

“En serie af Adam Price” doesn’t require much translation: Borgen is the brainchild of someone with a Welsh surname.

And yet he must be the full Danish because at their embassy in Sloane Street, cleanly designed by Arne Jacobsen, I find myself standing in an eager circle anticipating the great Dane’s arrival.

Price argues that Nyborg is “a flawed hero and she loses a lot of her humanity on the way”.

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