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Rather, they were first and foremost tradespeople and farmers, albeit with piracy as a lucrative sideline.

Archaeologists have found the in northern parto of Jylland the remains of a Christian church presumably from around 800 CE, and in other places there are traces of missionary work by Irish monks already around 700 CE.

Denmark enters world history at a rather late stage, when the Egyptians were building pyramids, the early Danes were hunting with primitive stone implements; and when the Roman Empire was at its peak, the Danes were only beginning to discover the use of iron and bronze.

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During the following centuries the king sold this land, or gave it as presents, to reward people who had done something for him (often this included lending money to the crown, which was always in need of it).

This resulted in the second group of nobility becoming established - many of these people originated from the Germanic states.

A second group of estate-owners was established much later, in the 16th to 18th centuries, as a result of the Reformation.

During the Reformation the king became the head of the church; which also meant he took over the property of the church.

Sweden, Norway and Denmark had each their own sphere of interest to suit their location.

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