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I am vegetarian, but despite the like of fish, but my I am very friendly, Honestly, lovely and activity person. i come from Colorado but now I am living and working in Germany as a western riding instructor. My height is 1, Am a young girl, very nice n respectful was born in ghana grew up and join my parents in europe last year, i like singing, dancing and reading books as well, love meeting new people For my height am not sure, my hair is I can easily describe as honest, caring, loving.

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The town, officially Lutheran in 1546, adhered to the Augsburg Confession and later joined the Schmalkaldic League.

There was a fierce dispute for several years between the Protestant magistrates of the town and the abbot of Weingarten Abbey for control over St. A compromise was reached in 1562: the Catholics kept the parish church while the Protestants took over the hospital’s church, which was expanded in 1589 and is now known as Memorial Church.

Ravensburger is also famous for its games, puzzles and children's books, and each summer you can play the new games in Ravensburger Spieleland, the "biggest playroom of the world." Chocolate lovers can escape to the Ritter Sport Chocolate House in Spieleland. The closest airport is Friedrechshafen, 20 miles to the south.

"Here you can find out all about the famous square chocolate bar, discover your favourite chocolate in the shop and make your own chocolate in the Chocolate Workshop. Larger airports are at Zurich (100 km) and Stuttgart (160).

I like traveling around and seeing the world I am definitely casual but II have a very soft heart. I treat people with understanding and respect want to be treated me well. responsible, understanding and easy going lady with the fear of Good.

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