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In addition to supervising parish municipalities, which was the responsibility of the counties in all of Denmark, the market town municipalities of Bornholm were supervised by Bornholm County as well and not by the Interior Ministry as was the case in the rest of Denmark.The seat of the municipal council is the island's main town, Rønne.Du finder os på Nyheder fra Bornholm Hvis du ønsker at være up to date med hvad der sker på Bornholm af nye tiltag, spændende events etc.

The Ertholmene archipelago is located 18 kilometres (11 miles) to the northeast of Bornholm.

These islands, which do not belong to a municipality or region, are administered by the Danish Ministry of Defence. This makes the dialect difficult to understand for some Danish speakers.

There are also ferry routes to Sassnitz and Świnoujście.

Between Bornholm Airport and Copenhagen Airport by airplane it is 25 minutes.

The voters decided to merge the county with the municipalities in a referendum May 29, 2001, effective from January 1, 2003.

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