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Bridges, tunnels, pedestrian and bicycle underpasses and underpasses for wildlife will be built, and embankments and cuttings will be excavated along the line.

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Along the 60-kilometre stretch of The New Line, earthworks must be dug and bridges and tunnels built for approximately DKK 4 billion.

This will later be followed by invitations to tender for the railway engineering works for Denmark’s first high-speed line, which will open to traffic in 2018 and will cost DKK 10.4 billion.

This makes doing business over the Internet as secure as purchasing by telephone.

SSL safe connection and secure transaction technology has effectively protected hundreds of thousands of Hotels One customers who have transmitted their credit card numbers online and made a purchase since we launched.

“We go for national as international competition, and it shall be interesting to see what the contractors have to offer," says Jan Schneider-Tilli.

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